• We worked with Eric team in California and created the world first moving beer pong robot.  Which turns the classic game into a moveable target right now.  And became a new challenge level with much more funny in your party.
    The product consists of the plastic parts, electronics, motors and lithium battery.  We applies 6 groups IR sensor to detect obstacles and ground.  And make sure the robot not falling off when playing on the table.  And the lithium battery can supply more than 12 hours working power in a full charge.

    Challenges:  There has 6 IR senors built-in and MCU has to read more than 24 pockets of data per second to prevent the robot from stopping or falling from table.
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    In short : I could not have asked for a better company to produce our product and have become great friends with Leo. The Full Review : Background : We spent about a year and a half in house trying to develop our new robot. We had a product that worked but only as a proof of concept with off the shelf parts. We tried various avenues to get a good contract manufacturer to send the design to and have it made. A lot of people said they can make it even if it only kind of worked. Thats when we turned to MFG to find a real contract manufacturer. Why : We spoke to 40+ factories outside of MFG and 8 within the platform. We awarded APLUS the RFQ because they were not afraid to tell us that our product would not work. All of the other manufacturers would just say yes we can make this, without technical knowledge of if it will work or not. Not only did they know how to make everything but they even offered design services to improve upon the product which we agreed to. Leo and his team have a vast amount of technical knowledge. They put their engineers to work and turned our home made robot into a complete product in 6 weeks and continued to refine it as the concept developed into a real product. Everything from which motors to use, PCB design, 3D modeling and assembly methods. We had everything completely done at APLUS without any issues. If an issue arose, not only did Leo inform us of it but he also told us about the fix they were already implementing. In Person : I personally went to the factory in Shenzhen where I got to meet Leo and a few other managers. Leo and I have become very good friends through the course of this project and time spent together in China. The whole team has a great appreciation for industrial technology and manufacturing which shows in various areas like their Instagram feed or sample room. Theres a lot of passion for what they do and they really care about making something that both parties are proud of. Communication : The whole process before, during, and after has been phenomenal. Communication never was an issue. There was never an argument or excuses. If something needed to be addressed Leo would handle it. Even if I could not understand an issue properly he would take the time to ensure I did. Normally you would go to a third party middle man to have a line of communication with the factories. We did not need this and spoke directly to the factory with Leo allowing clear communication quickly. Work APLUS provided: - 3D modeling - CNC prototypes - Full prototyping - Electrical engineering - PCB design - Troubleshooting - Part sourcing - Mold making - Design feedback - Assembly - Packaging At the end of the day, things went way better than expected and we are very excited to grow with Leo and the team at Aplus. Its great to be able to have such a great business partner and now friend. We definitely got more than we expected going into this. You can pretty much email Leo with an idea and make it happen all in house. Its really incredible. Thanks again for such a great experience making our first product. We excited to continue making new products together.

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