Engineering department, most like an engine of company, which leads company moving forward, particularly the period of product design and development, engineers as a leader and play a principal role. 

APLUS built a professional and creative engineers team right here, which includes the industrial design, material science and quality control.

Our engineers who have been working on both the plastic and electronics product fields over 10 years, and gathering lot of rich working experiences and skills. Depending upon these experiences and skills, we are capable of providing lots of constructive proposals and solutions to customers for product design improvement, as well as product core value improvement.
Meanwhile, we can be explicitly to understand what our customers are looking for, to help our customer spending less money to reach what customers expected at a short time. Even higher.

Being a successful product in marketing that customers accept and love that, it's quite principal in the course of the product design and development.
Engineers first need to estimate product manufacturing costing, as that affects both the material and the manufacturing process options afterwards. 
All finished products before release into marketing which needs to pass and comply with local legal and safety standard regulations, therefore, engineers need to evaluate product safety issues and find out anything potential safety risks that may cause in use as well. 
STAND BY CUSTOMERS. THINK AHEAD OF CUSTOMERS" is our engineering designer guideline, which leads us to bring our customer ideas to life in a short time. That's what we are saying as well as we are doing right here, let's work together to light your ideas and we look forward to. 

To assure our product quality output, we purchased some regular testing equipment in our factory, including high/low temp aging testing chamber and shipping testing machine.

High/low temp aging testing to simulate the usage environment, put product samples into the testing chamber with a high temperature of 60C (+/-3C) with humidity 85% (+/- 5%) and low temp C20C (+/-3C)for 24 hours each, assure the samples no functional, deformation or any abnormal issues occurred after testing.
Shipping testing to simulate packaging safety ability while transferring, fix the packaging in the testing machine to vibrate for 2-3 hours, then take out of the product samples from packaging and assure samples no broken or any functional issues occurred after testing as well.

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