APLUS MOULD CO., LIMITED was established in 2005. And based in the "City Of Design"-Shenzhen China. We started with a small mould shop depending upon the mould design and building here. Due to our quality product outputs and professional responses.  Therefore, We acquired lots of positive ratings from customers we were working with. 
With customers business increase with different manufacturing and purchasing requirements. We added both the injection moulding and mechanical assembly services successively. We right now grew to over 300 people a diversified manufacturing and production company.
Considering both the industrial upgrading and sustainable development in the future.  We now aim to new product research, design and manufacturing on consumer electronics and artificial intelligence products.  We have been successfully developed and manufactured some innovative electronic products with customers in the past years.  And we received very positive feedback from customers as well.  
As a professional manufacturer, It¡¯s not only about producing awesome parts, but it is also about fully understanding what customer needs are. Therefore, We perform complete design for manufacture as well as design for a cost analysis for every job we take on. We deploy quality tools to ensure processes stay in control, including process control plans, FMEAs, and have a full array of precision measuring equipment. We care about customer¡¯s satisfaction and our ratings can attest to that commitment.
Being situated in Shenzhen enables us to help you innovate with astonishing speed and agility, being at the heart of the worlds hardware and tech eco-system. Our experienced product development team can handle everything from soup to nuts, from prototyping to short-run production and everything in between. We are also capable of helping customers with PCB manufacturing as well as other highly niche manufacturing processes. 
Let¡¯s work together to make people life easier.

Engineering & Design
Rapid Prototype
 Export Mold Building
Injection & Compression Moulding
Machining & Turning & Milling
Small Batch Running
Mechanical & Electronics Assembly
Stamping & Bending

Injection Casting


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