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For customers: Based on customer considerations as a manufacturer.  Make human's life easier.
For employees: To create more space for development for employees, Enhance the value of staffs, Improve the quality of work.

For the society: To promote the healthy development of the cause, and to serve the social civilization and progress.

Operation philosophy£º
Honesty, Truth, Innovation, High Efficiency, Responsibility!

We would rather lose money, not lose credibility; pure personhoods, work in just ways;

Work for the better, treat people sincere and pragmatic; business regardless of size, all equal treatment;

Enterprise style:
Seriously, Responsibility, Strictly, Activity and Efficiency
Seriously: excellence, inquisitive

Responsibility: the courage to take responsibility, responsible for the end.

Strictly: strictly management, strictly rules, strictly work flow, strict reward and punishment.
Activity: take the initiative to accept the task, take the initiative to assume responsibility, take the initiative to find the problems, Increase the initiative to improve.
Efficiency: clear work plan, quick response with no delay.

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